The Bottega della Fantasia - Giocovacanza

Prepare to be amazed. Your children will suddenly be unusually quiet and less interested in their cell phones. Where did all this enthusiasm for art come from? This never happens at home!

The evening will fall and instead of seeing them go crazy with the baby dance, you will listen to them compose original melodies using pine cones, stones, sticks, leaves, wood, rocks, blades of grass and plants that pop. Your children will explain to you that baby dance is a thing of the past and now, they play music and run wild with the natural dance. On another day, you will marvel at how your children are hard at work using materials they have collected in the woods, making beautiful frames where they glue pictures taken during their walk.

If your children are busy doing this and other interesting activities, it means that for your Trentino holiday you have chosen a Giocovacanza hotel which has achieved a real revolution in its kids’ club.

The Bottega della Fantasia has many adventures in store for your child, all distinguished by nature:

  • “Framed by Nature”
  • “Rain, rain, go away... let’s go out to play anyway!”
  • “A nature hike using all five senses”
  • “The orchestra of the woods”
  • “Explorers for a night”

…….and many other activities. Come, experience them with us!